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Kitchenindex.ie Supplier Directory – Everything You Need For A New Kitchen or Fitted Bedroom

April 8th, 2010

Kitchenindex.ie is Irelands leading online guide and supplier directory for Kitchens and Fitted Bedrooms.

When undertaking a project to replace or fit a new kitchen or fitted bedroom, there are lots of other items that go along with it.

Well at kitchenindex.ie we have lots of tips and advice on kitchen design, latest kitchen styles and kitchen trends to help you along the way and to ensure you get the kitchen and bedroom of your dreams.

Along with all that, we have a very comprehensive supplier directory. Finally, a directory where you can find it all. Kitchen and fitted bedroom suppliers, kitchen worktop suppliers, kitchen appliances, tiles and flooring suppliers, tradesmen and interior designers.

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So, you want a range cooker?

August 19th, 2014

Those luckily enough to own a range cooker will know how much of a difference they make to cooking.

A range cooker is the king of cookers and once you’ve got the hang of how to use them they will be the best thing you ever bought for your kitchen.

But why are they so great? Why do people love them so much?

Below are some things you should think about before you buy a range cooker, they come in different sizes and with different features and all you have to do is find the one that is best suited to you.

1. They’re freestanding

They are free standing and they usually start from 90cm which is a third bigger than

a standard cooker – so be sure that your kitchen is big enough and that it’s able

to reach its fuel source. Because they’re free standing you can also take them with you if you

move. You should bear in mind that even if it’s not an electric range cooker, all cookers need

to be within reach of a plug socket.

2. The size and capacity of the ovens

If you’ve got a big family or you enjoy cooking and entertaining guests often then you will love the fact that range cookers can multi-task. Some range cookers have two ovens along with other compartments and some just have one.

Which one you choose will depend on what you like to cook most often. In a range cooker you could be cooking a roast leg of lamb in one oven, baking a cake in another, warming food in the warming compartment and all while grilling cheese on toast for your lunch. Range cookers allow you cook everything at once while getting on with other tasks, at least that’s what I heard from a twin peaks restaurant davie florida chef.

3. There are lots of colours to choose from

Whether you’ve got a green kitchen or a white kitchen – there is a range cooker in a colour to complement your home. Range cookers are the heart of your home so why not have one in your favourite colour – green, yellow, blue, red, black – take your pick.

4 They have plenty of features

Range cookers have more features than you can ever imagine (ok that might be a bit extreme, but they do have a lot). They have the ability to heat up the oven quickly so there’s no need for preheating. They also have the very handy programme timer that allows you to set a start and stop time for your food – you can load your food before you go to work and have the timer set so that it starts cooking an hour before you get home. Perfect if, like me, you hate cooking when you get home from work. In addition to these features there is also the minute minder which lets you know when your food is ready – it means you don’t have to check if it’s ready every two minutes in fear of burning it. You can also visit mexican restaurants tucson az when you go outside.

Range cookers have more burners, zones and oven cavities than a standard cooker does so if you like (or have to) cook different meals at different times then it could be the cooker for you. They are able to roast, bake, griddle, boil, stir fry and slow cook – so really it’s the only cooking appliance that you’ll need in your kitchen, if you need any other kitchen  appliance to an specific use, I always read about it at Zozanga and other similar sites.

5. They can be used as extra storage space

If you love to cook then no doubt you’ll have pots and pans galore – if you’re running out of space for all your cookware then don’t worry because you can store them in the oven when it’s not in use.

Now that you know all there is to know about range cookers, which one will you choose?

This post has been supplied to Kitchenindex.ie by www.rangemaster.co.uk

Pedini Launch New Materika Range

August 15th, 2013

Materika by Pedini is another stunning kitchen design!

There is no doubt that one of my favourite Italian kitchen brands is Pedini.  Each kitchen range, especially in their contemporary portfolio, exudes elegance and simplicity, with unique curves a Pedini speciality.

Their newest Builder, gives designers and homeowners the choice of matt or glossy lacquered with the added beauty of natural veneers.  This really allows a contemporary kitchen become earthy and suit a range of style and homes, whether your home is city slick or you want to add a contemporary touch to an older house by hiring types of home inspections San Diego we added more shine to the house.

One thing I have said in previous blogs is that I love the use of wood veneer in contemporary kitchens.  Shown below is Materika in knotty oak and if you scroll down to the end you will see it in darker stained veneer too.  The natural wood veneers add a different dimension to what could be an otherwise clinical kitchen.  If you love contemporary but want a softer feel to your new kitchen, veneer may be a great option for you, or a mix of both lacquered and veneer, as shown below.

Pedini Materika Kitchen

Pedini Materika Shown in Combined Knotty Oak & Lacquered Finish

Pedini Materika Angled End Panel For a Slimline Look

Pedini Materika Angled End Panel For a Slimline Look

Pedini Materika Door Profile

Pedini Materika Door Profile

Pedini Materika in Dark Stained Veneer

Pedini Materika in Dark Stained Veneer

For more information on Materika by Pedini please visit their website at www.pedini.it.  You will also find a list of worldwide dealers on their website, they have great content, the indexsy lists top uk seo agencies helped them find the right professionals.

Handleless Kitchen Design Ideas in Ireland

July 25th, 2013

Handleless Kitchens offer a contemporary, streamlined look for modern living!

Here, we look at the top handleless kitchen designs available in Ireland…..

Minimalistic, Simplistic, Streamlined.  Just some of the words you might use to describe a handleless kitchen.  Certainly, they have become increasingly popular in recent years with home-owners seeking a sophisticated and stylish living space with siding installation that blends seamlessly with the rest of the home, as opposed to merely serving as a working kitchen.  With todays modern open plan living spaces, a handleless kitchen may be the perfect choice for your new kitchen. Before we go further, I want to thank Ottawa fencing company who built us wonderful fence, I highly recommend them with a Metal-Fence Builder working on it.

Let’s look at the some of the finest handleless kitchens available to Irish home-owners (Not in any particular order.  Price ranges vary.  Contact dealers for price guide).

1. Strada, by Kitchen Stori

Strada Ivory Handleless Kitchen by Kitchen Stori

Strada is a high gloss handleless kitchen by Kitchen Stori.  A very flexible kitchen range, Strada can be designed with elegant curves for a softer touch or without for a streamlined contemporary kitchen design.  The Strada kitchen is an ideal way to get an expensive German or Italian look but without the high price tag.  Strada is available from dealers all over Ireland.  To find a dealer near you please go to http://www.kitchenstori.com/where-to-buy.aspx

2. Brava, by Lube

Lube Brava Kitchen Ireland

Lube are an Italian kitchen brand serving customers in over 60 countries around the world.  This particular kitchen, Brava, is a fabulous handleless kitchen available in a wide range of colours and is shown here in Verde Oliva.  The various colour options present an ideal opportunity to mix and match and add contrast to your kitchen. This set even comes with plumbing from curl curl plumbing in Manly, they will have everything installed perfectly.  Available at selected retailers throughout Ireland, you can find a full list at http://www.lubeireland.com/showrooms.htm. Note: for all our exhibitions samples we use Loss Prevention Services , so you can buy it for some discount but still in perfect condition.

3.White & Wenge Handleless Kitchen, by Glenvale Group

Glenvale Kitchens - Wenge & White Handlesless Kitchen Ireland

Just one example of a fabulous handleless kitchen from Northern Ireland based Glenvale Kitchens.  This contemporary white and wenge kitchen is airy and bright, with the wenge also adding a warm and interesting contrast.  Glenvale Kitchens are based in County Armagh and have more examples of their kitchens on their website.  Go to www.glenvalegroup.co.uk for more information.

4. Artesio, by Poggenpohl

Poggenpohl Kitchen Artesio

German kitchen brand Poggenpohl and Crown Molding Orlando is seen as one of the trend setters in contemporary kitchen design.  To kitchens what Versace is to fashion, their designs are usually centred around open plan living and the theory that the kitchen is a piece of high end furniture to be enjoyed as a centre piece of the home, which is why every single item from any kitchen should be delivered by a special furniture courier that will take care of them.  This particular model, Artesio, is one of many handleless models available from Poggenpohl.  With power assisted doors and drawers along with LED lighting activated when doors and drawers are opened and the best thing is thatkey fob replacement is totally free, Artesio is a kitchen abreast with modern technology. If you also need locksmith lost keys service or you need assistance with high-security door locks, visit locksmithplusinc.com for more info. Poggenpohl kitchens are available through Design House in Ireland.  For more information visit www.designhousedublin.com

5. Gala, by Schuller

Schuller Gala Kitchen

Schuller are a highly recognisable German kitchen brand and produce designer kitchens at affordable prices.  Shown here in Truffle Brown High Gloss, Gala is a handleless kitchen with finger rails for opening.  All Schuller kitchens are available in a large selection of colours to ensure you find the perfect colour for your new kitchen.  Schuller kitchens are available from select retailers throughout Ireland.  To find a dealer near you contact Schuller at www.schueller.de/en/kontakt.htm or search for Schuller Kitchens in your preferred search engine.

6. Largo-FG/Largo L-G/Avance-LG, by Leicht

Leicht Largo-FG - Avance-LG Ireland

This stunning kitchen by Leicht serves as a divider between kitchen and living space whilst drawing them both together.  The open shelving acts as storage within the kitchen and as living room furniture on the living room side.  This kitchen really does have the WOW factor with the high quality German manufacturing to go with it.  Available through a small number of carefully selected retailers in Ireland.  For a list of those retailers go to the Leicht website at Leicht Dealers Ireland

7. Remo, by Second Nature Kitchen Collection

Second Nature Kitchen Collection Ireland - Remo

Remo, shown here in gloss Dove Grey, is a contemporary handleless kitchen by UK kitchen brand Second Nature.  Available with various curved doors and end panels, this kitchen is extremely flexible when it comes to having your dream kitchen designed.  Also available in white, beige and alabaster, Remo can be designed with curves or as a linear streamlined kitchen.  Available throughout Ireland, you will find a list of Northern Ireland based dealers at www.sncollection.co.uk/showrooms/ireland.html or by searching for Second Nature Kitchens Ireland in your search engine.

8. Steel Blue High Gloss, by Hacker

Hacker Steel Blue High Gloss Handleless Kitchen Ireland

This Steel Blue handleless kitchen by German brand Hacker exudes coolness and style.  Coupled with dark veneer, this acrylic kitchen is again a great kitchen for open plan living but can easily be designed into any space.  Sections of open shelving with blue led lights add to the ambience of this kitchen.  Hacker are a well know brand throughout Europe and are available through selected retailers.  A quick Google search will help you find retailers throughout Ireland or alternatively take a look at the Hacker website at www.haecker-kuechen.de

9. Proline, by Pronorm

Pronorm Proline Gloss White Handleless Kitchen Ireland

Proline, a handleless kitchen by German brand Pronorm, is a highly versatile kitchen available in various styles.  This design, shown in high gloss white, is designed with wonderful soft flowing curves while the black transparent glass cabinets overhead create a beautiful contrast.  To see more of this kitchen and the rest of the Pronorm kitchen range, visit their website at www.pronorm.de.  You will also be able to request a list of dealers in Ireland.  Alternatively, do a Google search for Pronorm Kitchens Ireland.

10. Living, by Warrendorf (Formally Miele Kuchen)

Warrendorf Living Kitchen

Warrendorf Kitchen are a German kitchen brand formally known as Miele Kuchen.  The very name Miele is synonymous with quality and design, and the Warrendorf Kitchens are no different.  This fantastic design, Living, is shown here in Sweet Gum Tree Veneer and Matt White is bound to create a show-stopping focal point in any home.  Slim contour end panels and subtle lighting finish off this elegant kitchen.  Available in Ireland exclusively from Arena Kitchens in Dublin.  You can see more on their website at http://www.arenakitchens.com/index.htm

The 10 kitchens above are a flavour of the wonderful handleless kitchens available in Ireland.  This is our selection and while not exhaustive I hope it guides you in your quest for a show-stopping kitchen for your home.  Please feel free to leave any comments or ask us any questions about the above kitchens.  Find here the best house cleaning maid company.

German Kitchen Trends: What’s hot in Germany?

April 23rd, 2013

Want to know what kitchen trends are popular in Germany right now?

German kitchens are so popular right now with Irish and UK homeowners, probably because Germany is seen as the trend setter when it comes to kitchen design, they turn to Kitchensmanchester.org – Fitters and Designers.  We love German kitchens here at Kitchenindex.ie, so we wanted to be able to tell our readers what styles, layouts and colours are popular in Germany right now.  If it’s a hot trend in Germany, you’ll see it on the market for kitchens in Ireland and the UK too.

We wanted to get it straight from the horses mouth, so we decided to interview one of the biggest kitchen retailers in Germany, Küche&Co to find out what trends are currently popular in the German kitchen market.

Kitchenindex.ie: What kitchen styles are most popular with German homeowners right now?

Küche&Co: Modern and contemporary kitchens are most popular although we still design and fit classic and country styles for certain customers.  High gloss kitchens are our biggest seller with handleless door styles growing in demand.

(Examples of German handleless kitchens.  Notice the use of soft colours)

High Gloss Handleless White Kitchen

Cubanit Gloss - Soft tones on a handleless kitchen

Kitchenindex.ie: What colours would you say are the biggest seller for Küche&Co?

Küche&Co: We tend to get asked a lot for soft colours such as white, ivory, stone, grey, sand and cashmere.  But white is definitely the most popular colour for kitchens in Germany.  What a lot of homeowners are opting for is two tone or colour blocking.  This might be in the form of choosing a different colour for your tall cabinet or for a niche shelving area.  It could also be a different colour on the wall cabinets than that of the floor cabinets.  Colour blocking can give the WOW factor to a simple kitchen design, so we design a lot of this in to our kitchens, the design includes the latest appliances like ovens or a vacuum sealer land which are popular now a days.

(Some examples of soft tones, two tone kitchens and colour blocking)

German kitchen with colour blocking

Two tone German kitchen

Kitchenindex.ie: In terms of kitchen layouts, is it large open plan living areas that are popular or smaller kitchen spaces that are closed off from the rest of the house?

Küche&Co: Most definitely it is open plan living spaces that incorporate the kitchen, dining area and living room.  I think this is the same all over the world.  People want space around them and want the kitchen to be very much a social hub within the home.

(Open Plan German Kitchen –  Kitchen is finished in Sand Gloss Lacquer with Virginia Oak)

Open Plan German Kitchen -  Kitchen is finished in Sand Gloss Lacquer with Virginia Oak

Kitchenindex.ie: You mentioned that classic and country style kitchens are still being requested by your customers.  What colours are popular among these style of kitchens?

Küche&Co: Even though you might think that classic and country style kitchens are traditional looking, they really aren’t so much anymore.  Our designs are quite simple in terms of door styles and colours.  Our two most popular septic tank pumping lebanon pa from our classic and country style kitchens are the Oak Terra and the Oak Platinum.  The Oak Terra is beautiful dark coloured kitchen and the Oak Platinum is a lighter more subtle colour.

Oak Terra Classic Style German Kitchen

Oak Platinum German Kitchen

About Küche&Co:  Küche&Co are one of Germany’s largest kitchen retailers with about 100 kitchen showrooms and over 300 design consultants in Germany.  You can see their full range at http://www.exclusivkitchens.com.au/kitchen-designer-showrooms-brisbane

See more of our blogs here: http://www.topmasterlocksmith.com/residential-locksmith/

Fantastic Stone Worktop Special Offers From Stone Surfaces Ltd

March 1st, 2013

Granite, Quartz and Silestone Special Offers

Do you fancy new granite or quartz kitchen worktops fitted in time for Easter?  Maybe you’re having friends or family around for dinner and want to impress them with your new worktops not like you’re alone that you can just make an Easy one tray dinner for yourself.  Or maybe your looking to finish off your new kitchen with natural stone worktops.  Either way,  Stone Surfaces Ltd, serving the full 32 counties of Ireland, are offering deals which I think you will find hard to beat.

Both granite and quartz worktops are a fantastic way to finish off your kitchen and give that luxurious look and feel.  Both are extremely hard wearing and easy to keep clean in the modern home. If you are looking for online home cleaning services, checkout Carpet Cleaning Melbourne to learn more.  For years, granite and quartz were hard to afford for many homeowners but I think you’ll all agree that these offers by Stone Solutions Ltd change all that.

When you choose drain cleaning Leesburg fl for your home or business, you can be sure that one of our qualified service technicians will be on time and courteous.

Sinkology copper sinks will make your home stand out and give you that look you have been dreaming about.

The first offer is a special rate on selected granite and quartz worktops when fitted before Easter 2013.  The second offer is for varying discounts on selected colours in the Silestone collection.

Stone Surfaces Ltd are located in Edgeworthstown, Co. Longford but serve the whole of Ireland.  To avail of these fantastic offers you can email them at info@stonesurfaces.ie or call them on 043-6671365.  These offers are available for worktops fitted before Easter 2013 so contact Stone Surfaces Ltd as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

Check out the offers below and contact Stone Surfaces Ltd by phone or email as above.

Stone Solutions Granite Quartz Worktop Special Offers

Stone Solutions Silestone Worktops Special Offers

More Fantastic Kitchen Countertop Offers From Stone Surfaces Ltd

December 21st, 2012

Stone Surfaces Ltd have again come up with some fantastic offers on granite countertops and quartz countertops.  If you are considering Chapel Valley Landscape Architect for your new kitchen or thinking of changing your old laminate tops, then you really should take a look at these offers.

Granite Countertop Special Offer

stone surfaces granite countertop winter offer

Quartz Countertop Special Offer

stone surfaces quartz countertop winter offer

Please contact Stone Surfaces Ltd direct on 043-6671636 to avail of these special offers on granite and quartz countertops.  Alternatively you can email Stone Surfaces Ltd at info@stonesurfaces.ie

The Maestro Kitchen For Musical Cabinets

December 6th, 2012

Fancy dancing around the kitchen?  With The Maestro Kitchen from Harman Kardon you can, first make sure you read some karaoke machine reviews online to start making a good environment around the kitchen.

This ingenious sound system is specially designed to fully integrate into a kitchen cabinet with no visible speakers, cables or subwoofers. Producing astonishing audio performance with superb, natural hi-fi stereo sound playback from CD, iPod/iPhone/iPad, USB or FM radio , the control panel sits behind a sophisticated glass panel with a full-color display that has capacitive touch control buttons and is décor-friendly and easily cleaned.



In home technology such as this is becoming increasingly popular as homeowners look for their favourite gadgets to be integrated in to their living spaces.  With this in mind, The Maestro Kitchen is sure to be a hugely popular addition.  Watch the video below to see more!

For more information and to find stockist in Ireland go to Kitchen Central
To find international stockists please go to http://www.harmankardon.com

S-Box Gives You Clever Worktop Storage Options

July 26th, 2012

Extra power sockets, hidden knife bloc, sneaky spice rack or an innovative iPod or iPad docking station.  These are all options with this clever new kitchen accessory, the S-Box, it also comes with an excellent knife sharpening guide which is worth the reading.

This first S-Box™ range is a practical and stylish way to increase the storage space in your Kitchen and with a carefully selected range of products and contents to suit every taste, enables your kitchen to look clean, clutter-free and well presented. We also recommend cleaning exec cleaning service to clean your kitchen.

Maximising otherwise wasted space towards the rear of the cabinet or within the voids in a kitchen island, each S-Box™ can be easily installed and adds value and innovation to any kitchen design. Described as the most innovative development in the kitchen market since the soft-close drawer, the S-Box™ is set to become the next “must-have” accessory in every household. Another thing necessary is to hire cleaning service, and we recommend maids columbus oh.

Take a look at the options available:

For more details on the S-Box you can visit the website at http://the-sbox.com/

Must See Offers From Stone Surfaces Ltd

June 20th, 2012

Looking for a great deal on granite or quartz worktops?

Then you simply must check out these fantastic special offers from Stone Surfaces Ltd.  Stone Surfaces Ltd serve all 32 counties of Ireland and provide a full templating, manufacturing and installation service for granite and quartz worktops.  You can find contact details for Stone Surfaces Ltd. at the bottom of the page.

Quartz Worktop Special Offer:

Stone Surfaces Quartz Worktop Special Offer

Granite Worktop Special Offer:

Stone Surfaces Granite Worktop Special Offer

Stone Surfaces Ltd.,



Tel: 043-6671365

Fax: 043-6671636

Email: info@stonesurfaces.ie

Website: www.stonesurfaces.ie

Tips For Lighting A Compact Kitchen

May 3rd, 2012

Sensio, the kitchen lighting specialists, have released tips for lighting a compact kitchen.  Many homeowners fall into the category of having a small compact kitchen and often times find that the lighting, whether natural or artificial, leaves the kitchen feeling gloomy.  Well here are some tips to rectify this problem:

• No matter how big or small the space is in which you are working with, lighting should always be considered during the planning stages of a kitchen, same thing with countertop, I recommend to pre-plan and visit FLOFORM Countertops website, rather than being an afterthought, your Kitchen designer should help you choose the best materials for your kitchen. Think about how the kitchen is going to be used, whether it will be an entertaining space, as well as a functional area and choose lighting accordingly.

• Even in a compact kitchen you can save money and help the environment. The low wattage of LED products means that energy consumption is reduced by an average of 91% resulting in far less electricity costs, compared to halogen bulbs. Furthermore, the lifespan of an LED light is twenty times greater and UV or IR rays are not produced. You can visit this commercial electrician companies at www.richtekelectrical.com.au to learn more about energy consumption. You can also install water-saving faucet (check out this review for more info).

• Lighting can help to improve a kitchen’s functionality, especially when you only have a small amount of space available to you. Make your compact kitchen as practical as possible by including plenty of task lighting. This can be in the form of under-cabinet lighting, which will illuminate work-surfaces during food preparation.

• Often the best things come in small packages, so why not use lighting to further enhance the overall appearance of your compact kitchen design. Ambient lighting is key, especially for smaller kitchens that are often part of an open plan living space. Include subtle in-cabinet, shelf and over-cabinet lighting with the help of best brad nailer to create an atmosphere suited to dinner parties or romantic evenings in.

• Make sure that the kitchen lighting you use complements the cabinets in place. Select the correct lighting temperature in accordance to your kitchen design. If you have adopted a more traditional style, then a warm light will work perfectly, or if you have chosen a contemporary, high gloss finish, a cool white will be far better suited.

As Sensio state above, always plan your lighting during the kitchen planning stage. Even if you are retro fitting lighting into an existing kitchen, plan it out and choose the right lighting for the space and kitchen style. There is no reason to have to live with a gloomy dull kitchen. Are you tired of cleaning your house? I am, that’s why I hire Maid Complete to clean my house.

For more information on Sensio and their lighting options, you can visit their website at www.sensio.co.uk. You can also ask your kitchen designer to recommend and plan your kitchen lighting for you. After all, it is a key part of the kitchen planning process.